If you've recently said "Yes" then you've come to the right place!

Here at JC Photography, we want you to have the best, stress-free wedding experience possible as we know you now have a lot of planning to do on your plate.

Weddings are one of our absolute favorite things to capture because we are SO in love with all the LOVE we see and feel on wedding days.  


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So before we begin, we want to ask you to stop, and think real quick about this very important question: 

"After your wedding day, and all the celebrating is over, what will you have left?" 

Are you thinking? ...Of course, you'll have each other, and your rings, BUT the next thing? It's your Portraits!

We want you to understand just how important professional photos are of your big day and just how seriously we take capturing them for you,

because we know,  at the end of the day the photos we capture will be all you have left to remember you joyous union!

Now, let's get started...with the details!

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Our experience starts with a very important factor...YOU

We will start our journey with a meet and greet where you will get to meet and talk with us about all the questions you may still have about your big day.

We want you to feel confident about handing one of the most important aspects of your day over to us, and this is why we carve out a special meeting in our schedule just for you.


The Engagement Session: 

Once you've made the leap of confidence in us, we will book your engagement shoot so you can officially announce to the world that you're doing this thing!

We encourage our couples to have an engagement session with us not only so that you have images for your wedding announcements but also so you get comfortable seeing and working with us. 

Being comfortable and confident with your photographer is something we think is so important because this will be one of the only times before your wedding that both you and your partner will be working with us and learning how we work together. 

This session is also super important for us because we learn from you in your engagement as well. We learn what works best for you with posing, we learn if you're a risk taker or a goofball for the camera. Photography is all about the connection.  

The Bridal Session: 

We practically jump of joy on Bridal session days, not to mention we get to be one of the first to see the dress! But no worries our lips are sealed!

Your Bridal session with us gives you the opportunity to experiment with working with your dress. Most brides find out during their formals whether their hairstyle and makeup choice works with the look they imagined for their big day. We've had brides that got to their sessions and realize one of the buttons on their dress was loose, without the bridal session we may never have noticed until the day of her wedding when there would have been no time for a fix! 

 Think of the day of your bridals as a test run for your wedding day. 

During this session, it also helps us learn how to work with your dress as well since we will more than likely be the one staging your dress for photos.    


The Wedding Rehearsal: 

Our team likes to make an appearance during your wedding rehearsal to get a feel for the venue and check out what lighting we will be using and working with. 

Doing this allows us to get our gears turning for special photo opportunities during your day.  

The Wedding Day: 

Our team usually arrives when or before you do at the venue.

This day is completely yours and now that we have come so far together we know that you have complete confidence that we have got you covered. 

Relax, breathe, we've got this, and so do you!

From your arrival to your "get away" the JC team will be there!

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Uniquely You: 

We understand that every person is different. You have your own style and vision for your day and that is what we love about you! 

Each and every wedding we capture has always been unique and different in its own way. 

These differences are why you may notice that each wedding we capture has its own feeling attached!


So what are you waiting for?!? Message us to start your experience today! 

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